Which thermal imaging camera do I need?

This is a question we get asked on a regular basis at Express Instrument Hire. Probably the single most influential attribute of a thermal imaging camera is the detector size. The bigger the detector – the more pixels making up the thermal image. Because we can tell the temperature of every single pixel of a thermal image, the more pixels you have the more data you have. Also the more pixels you have the sharper the image will be. The sharper the image, the easier it is to see areas of interest/faults/water leaks/heat loss etc.

At Express we have tried to make this choice as simple as possible and have split it into 4 options:


Basic Small detector Point and shoot Typical applications:Blocked radiator, exposed pipes Recommended camera: Flir E5

Semi Pro160×120 detector Inbuilt digital camera


Typical applications: Domestic heat loss in buildings, window fittings, Electrical panels, basic under floor heating


Recommended camera: Flir E6,, Fluke Ti105


Pro320×240 detector Inbuilt digital camera High sensitivity


Typical applications: Water leaks, under floor heating, comprehensive building survey, cavity wall insulation


Recommended camera:
Flir T420, Fluke Ti400


Advanced 640×480 detector
Inbuilt digital camera


Typical applications: Veterinary, medical, film & TV


Recommended camera: Flir T660



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