1. Express Instrument Hire Limited (hereinafter also known as “The Company”) provide the services of hire, purchase, repair and calibration of electrical test, monitoring and thermal imaging equipment.  The Customer is the company or persons using the services of Express Instrument Hire Ltd.  The services provided are in accordance with the Company’s terms and conditions of business and not that of the Customer.  The Company’s terms and conditions will nullify all other terms and conditions received.



  1. Hire rates will be as specified in our price list, or as agreed, subject to a minimum period of time, of one week or as agreed. Delivery and collection of the equipment is charged at extra cost.  All prices are excluding VAT, which will be added at the current rate upon invoicing.


  1. The period of hire commences on the day the equipment is delivered to the Customer, or collected from our office by the Customer, and continues until the equipment is collected by the Company or returned by the Customer to the Company office.  All hires are ‘open ended’ and the Customer must inform the Company when the equipment is finished with and obtain an off hire reference number.  Off hire requests can not be arranged in advance.


  1. The hire period is one week of seven consecutive days inclusive and includes weekends and bank holidays. The Customer may retain the equipment for longer than seven days without notice to the Company. The extended hire of 1-2 days will be charged on a pro-rata basis with 3 days plus being treated as a full week for invoicing.


  1. Discounts are given at the discretion of the Company for hired equipment only and will not include delivery and collection charges. The percentage of discount will be agreed at the point of order prior to the hire commence date and will be based on the size of order and /or length of hire period as detailed in the Company price list.  Discounts may be re-negotiated during the hire agreement but will not be backdated to any previous period.  If the  hire is terminated prior to the agreed period for which the discount has been given then the Company reserve the right to withdraw the discount and charge as appropriate.


  1. Orders for hired equipment may be cancelled in writing prior to despatch without any cost being incurred by the Customer. However once the hired equipment has been despatched, and prior to delivery, any subsequent cancellation of the order will be subject to a fee of 50% of the hire rate, plus carriage costs. After delivery the order cannot be cancelled and our minimum hire charge of one week will apply.


  1. The manufacturers instructions and other regulations of the hired equipment will be observed at all times by the Customer. The Customer shall be entirely responsible for the proper use of the equipment and also shall be responsible for any damage caused to the equipment through failure to observe such instructions or regulations.


  1. It will be the Customer’s responsibility when hiring equipment;


  1.    a)   Not to subject the equipment to any unfair wear and tear or misuse, and to use the equipment in a proper manner.
  2.    b)   To preserve Express Instrument Hire Limited’s or the manufacturer’s identification number or mark on any nameplate that may be on the equipment.
  3.    c)   To keep the equipment safe from damage and in good condition whilst it is in the Customer’s use and possession.
  4.   d)   To indemnify Express Instrument Hire Limited in respect of loss, theft or damage to the equipment howsoever caused, except for the fair  wear and tear, and normal use. In the event of  loss, theft or damage, the Customer shall notify Express Instrument Hire Limited immediately. Express Instrument Hire Limited will quote a sum covering the cost of repair including any re-calibration costs. If the equipment or items are lost, stolen or beyond economical repair then a replacement cost including a calibration certificate if applicable will be quoted.  Any quoted costs will also include an administration fee.  Any loss on income as a result of any such repair or replacement will be paid by the Customer and the normal hire rate shall continue until the full amount is paid to Express Instrument Hire Limited.
  1.    e)   To ensure that valid insurance is in place whilst the equipment is in the Customer’s possession or is being carried by the Customer’s  use of third party courier, to cover for any loss or damage.
  1.    f)    To ensure that the agreed delivery/collection details given to the Company are accurate and the Customer’s representative is available at the time agreed. Should a delivery/collection fail due to non compliance, then the Company reserve the right to re-charge the courier failed service fee to the Customer.
  1. g)   In the event of the equipment being found defective on receipt or during use. Express Instrument Hire Limited must be notified immediately. Replacement or repair will be effected with minimum possible delay.
  1. h)   To not hold Express Instrument Hire Limited responsible for any loss, damage or injury (including death) to persons or property were the equipment is not used in accordance with our terms and conditions paragraph 7.
  1. i) To not hold Express Instrument Hire Limited responsible for direct, indirect or any consequential loss under these terms and conditions.



  1. Purchased equipment will be as specified in the Company’s written quotation and will be valid for a period of 30 days from the date of  the quotation. Delivery of the equipment is charged at extra cost.  All prices are excluding VAT, which will be added at the current rate upon invoicing.


  1. Cancelled orders for purchased equipment will be subject to a 25% re-stocking fee.


  1. Any equipment purchased from Express Instrument Hire Limited will remain the property of the Company until full payment has been made for the equipment.



  1. Calibration prices for the Customer’s equipment will be as specified in our price list or as quoted. Repair costs for the Customer’s equipment will be specified in our written quotation.  Collection and return delivery of the equipment is charged at extra cost. All prices are excluding VAT, which will be added at the current rate upon invoicing.


  1. If the equipment cannot be calibrated due to a fault and any such repair is not accepted by the Customer, then the Company reserve the right to charge an inspection fee.  Equipment being returned to the manufacturer for repair and/or calibration will be subject to a handling fee.  Also a manufacturer’s inspection fee may apply, of which the Company will notify the Customer of the costs in advance.  A quotation will be obtained by the Company from the manufacturer and any instruction to proceed will be made upon receipt of a written order from the Customer.



  1. To apply for a credit account from the Company, the Customer must supply their company’s registration details. Credit accounts will be given at the discretion of the Company and are subject to the Company payment terms which are within 30 days from date of invoice. Credit limits will be at the Company’s discretion. Express Instrument Hire Limited reserves the right to charge interest/debt collection and administration fees on all overdue accounts.  The Company may also at its discretion suspend or withdraw credit accounts without prior notice.


  1. Where a credit account cannot be granted then the Company may, at its discretion, offer the Customer a card payment account. When hiring equipment as set out in notes 2 to 6 of the terms and conditions of business, the initial payment will be for the first weeks hire and carriage charges, if applicable.  If the equipment is hired beyond this period, the Customer will agree to a recurring weekly payment being taken for each subsequent week the equipment is kept, and that this agreement will remain in place for the duration of the hire  contract. The recurring weekly card payment also applies to credit accounts opting to make payment by card.  If in the instance that the card details which the Customer has supplied is cancelled or declined during this agreement, then the Customer will provide alternative card details to enable payment for the duration of the hire contract.  The Company, at its discretion, reserves the right to request a holding deposit as security, of which the Customer will be informed.  This deposit will be refunded following the safe return of the equipment hired.


  1. In cases of payment default, Express Instrument Hire Limited is entitled to recover the hired or purchased equipment without notice.




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