RF Labs Videoprobe 3M

The RF Labs for hire,  all-in-one unit from R F Systems that combines an articulating video borescope with an on-board imaging system. As you conduct an inspection, jpg images can be captured with the click of your index finger. Another button next to the joystick allows you to start and stop a video recording. The intuitive control panel allows you to review stored images and video on the 3.5″ TFT monitor. As an option, you can view and record images and video on a laptop via the USB port, or use a standard TV monitor plugged into the RCA/NTSC output. You can also transfer the images to your computer using the removable Micro SD flash memory card.

The new VJ-ADV now features a 2X Digital zoom, a single control panel button switches the onboard display to a 2X digital zoom, allowing the operator a clearer picture where it is not possible to get any closer with the insertion probe.

A temperature sensor located at the tip of the insertion tube measures and displays the internal temperature of the camera module, and delivers a two stage visual warning to the user. The warning system helps prevent damage to the scope from overheating the camera and electronics.

Voice recording is now possible with the VJ-ADV by connecting the hands free microphone, audio annotation of the inspection can be recorded along with the video. Playback of audio is also possible through the microphone earpiece.

The 4 super bright high intensity LEDs that illuminate the camera tip can be easily adjusted to one of four different brightness levels, or they can be turned off. This feature prevents light washout and helps to always provide a clear image. There is now also a flash option which will deliver a 0.1 second burst of super high intensity light through the 4 LED’s allowing you to take a photo of an especially dark area, such as a large diameter pipe. Similar to a flash on a camera, it illuminates the target long enough to capture a clear image.

The unit delivers precise control of the articulating tip through the use of a thumb-activated joystick. This joystick responds to the slightest movement of your thumb and allows full movement of the camera tip 90° in all directions. Combined with a trigger-activated image capture button and thumb-activated video recording button, the joystick allows easy one handed control of all key functions.

The rigid end of the bending section is only 15mm long. This short rigid section aids in navigating the insertion tube through curved or complicated structures. The insertion tube of the VJ-ADV is manufactured from steel braid to deliver greater flexibility and durability.

The unit is fully portable and weighs only 20oz., including the required four AA batteries. Run time is typically 2 hours before the batteries need to be replaced. Because off the shelf disposable batteries are used, there is no risk of down time waiting for a recharging cycle. The unit can also be mains powered.

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    Technical Specs

    • Scope diameter: 6.9mm
    • Scope length: 3m
    • Articulation angle: Over 90° in every direction
    • Hand held
    • Battery operated
    • Illumination: High intensity LED’s
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