2 bar/30 psi/200 kPa

Robust, handheld design with backlit high-contrast display

Switch Test
This feature tests the actuation of pressure switches when
they reach their set trip points and the reset action when the
pressure returns to normal operating pressure limits. The
Hysteresis value is also calculated at the end of each test.

Current Source Automation (mA Output):

Defined step: The step size is defined as a value in mA.

Span check: Toggles between two end points, for
example, 4 and 20 mA for checking zero and FS.

Ramp: A linear ramp between two end points with
programmable travel and dwell times is perfect for
dynamically testing switches.

Nudge: Simply used to make a small incremental change
to a mA output using up/down keys. This is great for
determining trip values


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    Technical Specs

    2 bar/30 psi/200 kPa

    G1/8 female

  • Druck

    The Druck product name has long been associated with precision pressure sensors and related test / calibration instruments. Druck’s product range includes relatively low cost OEM devices to very high accuracy resonant silicon barometric sensors measuring pressures from less than 0.015 psi to 15,000 psi.

    Druck’s range of portable field calibrators coupled with supporting software extends from basic instruments to some of the most accurate and intelligent pressure and temperature calibrators in the world.

    Druck is part of the GE Sensing division.

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    We use next day couriers to deliver all our test instruments.  That means it doesn’t matter if you’re 2 or 200 miles away, we can have the test equipment you need, delivered first thing, next day.

    When you have finished with the test equipment we can arrange for the same courier to collect it from you.

    We also offer a same day delivery service for when you really need the test equipment urgently.