Comdronic AC6

The Comdronic AC6 meter is an electronic manometer programmed to carry out differential pressure measurements primarily on balancing valves within the HVAC industry. The state of the art software and extensive database of the world’s balancing valves allows direct reading of flow, differential pressure, percentage of design flow and target flow.

The nine button design allows simple navigation of the easy to follow menu system with all parameters visible on screen.

System accuracy is by the use of carefully selected sensors protected by DSP Technology with resolution and accuracy most appropriate to the range of differential pressures being measured.

The use of sophisticated electronics and highly successful mechanics removes the need for cumbersome ‘water boxes’with their poisonous and inconvenient fillings. Pressure differential ranges are more suited to modern systems with higher differentials being measured across Diff controllers and some automatic balancing valves. Combining this with a database of over 3500 balancing valves from 60+ manufacturers the AC6 is the obvious choice for the modern commissioning engineer.

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    Technical Specs

    • Range 0.5-10 kPa: Accuracy +/-0.1 kPa
    • Range 10-200 kPa: Accuracy +/-1.0% reading
    • Maximum Static Pressure: 10 Bar
    • Differential Pressure Units: Pa, kPa, psi, bar, feet H2O, Inches H2O, mtrs H2O, mm H2O, cm H2O.
    • Flow Units: l/s, l/m, l/h, galls/m (imperial), gpm (US).
    • Calibration Certificate
  • Comdronic

    Comdronic Ltd is a wholly-owned UK Limited company specialising in the design, manufacture, test and calibration of water manometers for the HVAC industry. As well as manufacturing and supplying manometers, we provide our customers with a high level of service to ensure that they have access to timely repair and calibration facilities. We are also very happy to help with some of the more obscure tasks such as identifying old and obsolete balancing valves and providing measuring data from our extensive valve database.

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