Kane 100 CO & CO2

he KANE 100-1 handheld gas analyser can measure and log ambient carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations. It is ideal for proving that flueless gas appliances such as space heaters, water heaters and kitchen equipment are operating safely. If faulty or inadequately ventilated, these appliances generate high levels of harmful CO and CO2. It also measures CO2 for indoor air quality (IAQ) checks. Inadequate ventilation and poorly operating appliances will increase CO2 levels causing drowsiness.

Two line backlit display controlled by rotary switch Measures CO using an electrochemical sensor Measures CO2 using a long life NDIR infra-red sensor Internal pump for fast response in ambient air or ducts Sampling probe with hose Memory facility stores up to 255 sets of readings Readings can be logged manually or auto logged at 1 to 10 minutes intervals.

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    Technical Specs

    • Carbon Monoxide – Resoultion – 1ppm
    • Carbon Monoxide – Accuracy – ±5 ppm < 100ppm, ±5% > 100ppm , ±10% > 1000ppm
    • Carbon Monoxide – Specified Range – 1000ppm
    • Carbon Monoxide – Over Range – 2000ppm
    • Carbon Dioxide – Resolution – 1ppm
    • Carbon Dioxide – Accuracy – ±20ppm < 400ppm, ±5% < 4000ppm, ±10% > 4000ppm
    • Carbon Dioxide – Specified Range – 200 – 4000ppm
    • Carbon Dioxide – Over Range – 9999ppm
  • Kane

    Since 1963, Kane International Ltd has been in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, and has a long history and broad experience designing and manufacturing portable test equipment.

    Kane International is the UK’s foremost manufacturer and supplier of hand-held exhaust emissions testers and portable test equipment. Kane’s design, engineering and manufacturing skills have created a range of highly sought-after portable equipment meeting the highest standards of testing and conformity. Their customers range across Commercial and Domestic Heating Engineers, Automotive Technicians to Electrical Engineers.

    Products are marketed under KANE’s range of brands and for numerous ‘private label’ companies.

    KANE has specific competence in:

    Electrochemical sensors;
    Infra-red benches;
    Data logging;
    Low power electronics;
    Portable battery powered equipment.
    KANE stocks a wide range of Alpha standard calibration gases and all our gas products are calibrated using ‘live’ test gases.

    The KANE Service Department provides repair and Certification with traceability to National Standards. UKAS certification is also available.

    Portable flue gas analysers measure the efficiency and pollution of combustion gases. Improving efficiency not only makes significant financial savings but also reduces atmospheric pollution. KANE Analysers range from single-gas pocket analysers to portable muti-gas data logging units for semi-continuous monitoring.

  • Delivery & Collection Information

    We use next day couriers to deliver all our test instruments.  That means it doesn’t matter if you’re 2 or 200 miles away, we can have the test equipment you need, delivered first thing, next day.

    When you have finished with the test equipment we can arrange for the same courier to collect it from you.

    We also offer a same day delivery service for when you really need the test equipment urgently.