BW Audit 106

he Audit 106 is a microprocessor controlled precision instrument housed in a rigid injection moulded plastic case, with front panel membrane ensuring environmental protection to IP65

The standard DT25 probe has been designed to withstand the most arduous operating conditions and the roughest of handling

Selectable materials include: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, 70/30 brass, SG iron, flake iron, perspex/nylon, PVC and polypropylene

Zero function, which maintains the integrity of the thickness measurements

?Measurement range of 1.5mm to 99.9mm in steel, with a 0.1mm resolution

Switchable metric/inch display

A built-in warning display eliminates the risk of spurious readings

Auto power off and low battery indicator

As a confidence check, a 6mm test block is mounted on the front panel to ensure correct operation of the instrument and probe

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    Technical Specs

    • 4 digit LCD display with a range of 1.5mm to 99.9mm (in steel)
    • accuracy of ±0.1mm, ±1 digit or ±1%, whichever is the greater
    • long battery life of 100 hours continuous use on 2x AA alkaline cells
    • auto power off facility
    • weight 290g, dimensions 151x82x33mm
    • 10 preset programmes
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