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T&R DVS3 – G59 Relay Test Kit

The T&R DVS3 G59 Tester for hire.  The exceptionally easy to understand user interface of the DVS3 is retained, allowing simple testing of complex voltage and loss of mains protection systems.

Equally at home in a commissioning, maintenance, or laboratory environment, the DVS3  is a truly flexible system. The DVS3 MK2 has been designed using the latest digital technology to generate a highly stable and accurate output with very low distortion. Each phase output is individually adjustable for voltage and phase angle. In addition, full control of frequency is available. Step changes of any quantity may be generated with automatic timing of the response of the relay under test.

The unit is controlled by a simple user interface with context sensitive menus. Values may be either typed in at the keypad or smoothly varied using a digital potentiometer.

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    Technical Specs

    3-φ Voltage output from 1-φ supply
    0-133V φ-N output voltage, or 0-292V φ-N with optional VT box
    45VA/phase maximum output
    Variable Frequency 40-999.9Hz
    Phase shift ±180.0°
    Multi-function timing system
    Ideally suited to all testing G59 schemes
    Step change of phase and df/dt
    Large back-lit liquid crystal display
    Compact and lightweight
    Automatic mains voltage selection

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