UltraTEV Plus – Partial Discharge(PD) Detector

The UltraTEV Plus+™ is a handheld instrument used to detect and measure partial discharge in high voltage assets, including, but not limited too; switchboards, cable boxes, cables and outdoor switchyards.

The UltraTEV Plus+™ is the most versatile and effective handheld partial discharge instrument available today, and is widely used by Transmission and Distribution Operators to understand asset condition and prevent outages.

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    Technical Specs

    • Simple to use
    • Dual sensor technology detects multiple types of PD
    • Comprehensive display enables trending of asset condition
    • Widely adopted by the industry enabling shared results presentation
    • Clear colour display incorporating threshold alerts
    • Discriminates between background interference and partial discharge sources
    • Directional ultrasonic sensor for surface discharge location
  • EA Technology

    EA Technology originated in 1966 as the UK Electricity Council’s Research and Development Centre, which pioneered many of the innovations that have enabled the development of modern power systems worldwide.

    We restructured as an independent commercial enterprise in 1990 and became 100% owned by our staff in 2004.

    Since 2004, our strategy of innovation, investment and international development has enabled us to:

    • Create market-leading new products and services
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    EA Technology timeline

    Many of the innovations that EA Technology has pioneered since 1966 have formed the foundation of the modern electricity industry, making networks more efficient, reliable and safer, helping consumers in their everyday lives and working to protect the planet for future generations.

    State-Owned Industry R&D body (1966-1990)

    EA Technology’s origin was as the Electricity Council Research Centre (ECRC), set up in 1966 as part of the UK’s then state-owned electricity system. Effectively a grant funded entity, ECRC’s role was to investigate new ways for people to use electricity and better ways for it to be distributed to customers.

    Key events in this period include:

    • 1969: ECRC invents Feolite for storage radiators
    • 1972: EC and Chloride joint company to develop ECRC sodium sulphur battery
    • 1974: Halogen hob invented
    • 1980: Developed high temperature heat pump for drying timber and distilling whisky
    • 1983: Identification techniques for Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) developed
    • 1985: Lightning location system invented
    • 1990: Privatisation of the UK electricity industry – new company name established

    Transition (1990-2004)

    When the UK electricity was privatised in 1990, EA Technology ‘spun out’ of national ownership to become an independent organisation. The funding from the network operators and energy suppliers was progressively ramped-down, and EA Technology made the transition to a commercial entity.

    Key events in this period include:

    • 1991: Became EA Technology (part of Electricity Association)
    • 1993: EA Technology privatised, owned principally by the directors of the company


    EA Technology (2004 – present)

    In 2004 EA Technology shares were re-distributed and we re-launched as an employee-owned organisation, focusing on sustainable, long-term, growth.

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