Kikusui 5051

The TOS5051A/TOS5050A  AC DC Flash Tester are designed exclusively for hipot testing of electronic equipment and components conforming to various safety standards. The model TOS5051A is the type having with 5kV output in both AC and DC, the model TOS5050A is the type having with 5kV output in AC only.


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    Technical Specs

    • AC/DC output
    • Digital voltmeter and ammeter
    • Digital timer
    • Calibration Cerificate
  • Kikusui

    The challenges that we face in this century include problems of food, the environment, and energy. In particular in the energy field, in addition to economic growth and environmental protection, measures to combat risks resulting from international competition, disasters, and other factors are essential. The history of humanity can be described as the history of obtaining energy, and this also means that there can be no breakthrough in any other area unless the energy problems are resolved.

    “Smart City” is a concept for next-generation energy and societal systems. Under this concept, the main source of electrical power will shift to solar and other renewable forms of energy; integrated management of all energy including heat and unused energy will be conducted for each region with extensive use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology); and the efficiency of energy use will be increased. It is a concept that aims to resolve the problems of fossil fuel depletion and global warming.

    Smart City Concept Drawing
    Smart City Concept Drawing
    As a specialist manufacturer of electronic measurement instruments and power supply equipment, Kikusui is supported by a strong foundation of electronics technologies developed over more than 60 years. Our company’s strengths include multi-perspective insight into power electronics and measurement. These technologies and perspectives are among the key technologies that support the “Smart City” concept. From our current position as experts in measurement and power supplies, Kikusui is prepared to make dramatic advances that will take us to the next stage.

  • Delivery & Collection Information

    We use next day couriers to deliver all our test instruments.  That means it doesn’t matter if you’re 2 or 200 miles away, we can have the test equipment you need, delivered first thing, next day.

    When you have finished with the test equipment we can arrange for the same courier to collect it from you.

    We also offer a same day delivery service for when you really need the test equipment urgently.