Ideal Sure Test Tracer 958

Traces wires behind walls Identifies breakers and fuses Can be used on de-energized/energized circuits 0-600V AC/DC Indicates presence of AC/DC voltage

The uncertainty of standard circuit tracers is a thing of the past. Ideal SureTest Circuit Tracers are extremely powerful for tracing and provide unparalleled levels of precision and performance. Usually, taking an accurate reading means twisting and turning to see the display. SureTest Circuit Tracers rotate in 90-degree increments to remain upright so you get the most easy-to-read measurement possible.

This unique display also features audio and visual indicators, and four modes of operation: Search High, Search Low, Trace and Breaker Modes, for an even more precise reading. Combined with its durable design and long battery life, SureTest Circuit Tracers give you the confidence to know you read it right the first time.

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    Technical Specs

    • RC-958 Receiver:
    • Displays 0-99 numeric signal strength
    • Four modes of sensitivity: Search High, Search Low Trace Mode and Breaker Mode
    • Peak detecting bar graph
    • Audible indication (pitch/tone)
    • Indicated presence of AC/DC voltage
    • TR-958 Transmitter:
    • Tests energized circuits up to 600V AC/DC
    • Tests de-energized circuits
    • Injects a powerful signal into the circuit
    • Can be used on GFCI protected equipment
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