Fluke 1777 Power Quality Analyser for Hire

Energy studies
Basic harmonics study
Full harmonic spectrum surveys
Power Harmonics
Basic industrial power quality troubleshooting
Advanced power quality troubleshooting

Automatic measurement capture – Ensure you’re collecting the right data every time, while still giving you the flexibility to select and adjust specific parameters as needed.

Inrush – Discover peak current from load switching.
Flicker – Measure the effects of disturbing switching equipment.
Transients 20 MHz – Capture high speed voltage waveform caused by switching or network disturbances.

Mains signalling – Monitor signals on the network that are used for network wide equipment control.
Event waveform capture – Visualisation of dips and swells to identify the cause of the events.

Powerful analysis software with easy-to-create reports.



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    Technical Specs

    Fast sampling rate: 1 MS/s, 20 MS/s

    4 inputs 3 phases and Neutral, range selected automatically to attached sensor

    4 C/T’s (upto 6000A), 5 Voltage leads included


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