The SPC Pro 2 Three Phase Load Logger is a three and single phase electricity data logger that needs only one voltage connection. This means that the only voltage hook up you need to make is to plug the unit into a simple wall socket. This keeps things safe and easy, whilst providing the instrument with its reference voltage and also its operating power (although it has a hefty internal battery for ‘no voltage’ surveys if required).

Combined with its dedicated software package – PowerPackPro – The SPC Pro 2 takes advantage of some of the fixed characteristics of a three phase electrical system to accurately calculate power and energy from three current measurements, but only one voltage input. The way it achieves this is innovative but also reliable and accurate, and has been proven across many thousands of applications.

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    Technical Specs

    Input Channels:
    1 X Voltage via pluggable power cable
    3 X current via integral flex type CTs

    1 Voltage range: 230VAC +/- 15% 50-60Hz
    3 Current ranges: 2-20A, 20-200A, 200-2000A Fully auto-ranging

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    Elcomponent has been providing innovative, cost-effective solutions for electricity and energy monitoring and metering. We’ve been helping you manage energy since 1986. Our data loggers are accurate, reliable and easy to use. Our metering systems are installed by our own engineers and deliver accurate data in any environment for all utilities. Our software packages encompass both site-based and cloud-based solutions and all are affordable, tightly-focused and easy to use. Our experience covers both public and private sectors and with over 5000 satisfied customers our track record speaks for itself.

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