videoprobe aticulation

This 3 metre videoscope for hire offers:

360°  articulation to capture all angles.

The videoprobe is an impressive 3 metres long.

The Articulating borescope has a  IP67, waterproof and dust-proof camera.

The articulating Videoprobe applies LED packaging technology. Probe illuminance can reach 20,000 lux.

Six-level brightness adjustment can support articulating borescope to detect different materials in different environments.

Five-times digital zoom in/out to inspect more details.

The articulating borescope is easy to operate, take photos & record videos.

USB interface, 16G big capacity SD card, and TV-out interface, data can be easily shared and analysed.

The large-capacity battery of the articulating borescope ensures continuous operation.

Hand-held ergonomics design, portable with the whole weight of 0.75KG


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    Technical Specs

    Category Description
    Dimension/Weight 315*111*173mm/0.75KG
    Display screen 3.5″ TFT LCD (640*480 )
    Articulation Mechanical joystick with probe able to articulate 360°
    Functions Photography,video,recording,brightness control,menu,image zoom in/out,image freeze,image flip
    Storage 16G (UP TO 32G)
    I/O port SD card interface, headset interface, TV-OUT interface,  Micro USB interface(charging and data reading)
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