Comark N8004

The N8004  for hire has a removable, combined temperature and humidity sensor. The sensor features a 0.75m flexible lead enabling readings to be taken wherever needed.
Capacitive humidity sensor provides fast response for quicker readings
Thermistor sensor for accurate temperature readings
Specially designed 8-way Lumberg connector for the combined temperature and humidity sensor
IP67 protection against dust and water penetration
Sealed, soft-touch keypads and easy access to the battery compartment
Large data display for simultaneous readings of either relative humidity or calculated dewpoint temperature and ambient temperature
Dewpoint Calculation from measured temperature and humidity values, essential for controlled environments
Design and production to the Comark ISO9001 accredited quality standards

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    Technical Specs

    • Measurement Range
    • Humidity 0 to 100%RH
    • Temperature –20°C to +60°C,
    • Calibration Certificate
  • Comark

    Comark Instruments has over 50 years experience as a leading, international manufacturer of high quality, precision thermometers, data loggers and wireless monitoring solutions, supplying over one million instruments per annum.

    Formed in 1961, Comark manufactured the first of many of its electronic measuring instruments in 1963. The Company rapidly expanded and has seen some revolutionary instruments being developed.

    As experts in temperature, we provide products and monitoring solutions to the food industry that aid compliance with HACCP regulations and due diligence procedures, helping to improve product safety to customers, eliminate risk and reduce cost in the supply chain.

    In the healthcare sector, where accurate temperature monitoring of blood, tissues, drugs and vaccines throughout the supply chain is critical to the delivery of high quality products to patients, our monitoring  solutions provide data integrity and reporting for audit purposes.

    Comark also supplies other industrial sectors including scientific research, laboratories, HVAC and refrigeration.

    Comark Instruments is located in Norwich, Norfolk, UK with Sales, Marketing, Research and Development based at offices in Northampton, UK. International business is supported through local Fluke offices.

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